Miss Miranda 2016 calendar!

I’m so excited to announce my brand new 2016 calendar collaboration with the amazing Richard Marz is now available!! You can order it for worldwide shipping from my Big Cartel store at missmiranda.bigcartel.com

I’m so proud of what Richard and I have created this year – it’s some of our best work ever and we really hope you decide to bring it to your wall! <3

2016cover v2

backcover new


Miss Miranda 2016 calendar shot by Marz Photography

Tease If You Please 2 Year Anniversary show!

Tease If You Please is one of my top favorite events to perform at here in Los Angeles, and I was thrilled when its producer Donna Hood told me of her plans to hold a large scale show at the historic Globe Theatre downtown to celebrate Tease’s 2 Year anniversary!

We’re so excited to bring our show to a big stage, and to such a beautiful, classic space! Tickets are available now but are selling fast – get one before they’re gone! ;) Visit teaseifyouplease.com!




Miss Miranda returns to Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre!

I was delighted to be invited back to Theatre Bizarre this year to perform again in Roxi D’Lite’s Dirty Devil’s Peepshow!

Theatre Bizarre is one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever performed at, held in the sprawling, atmospheric Masonic Temple in the centre of Detroit. It was a joy to perform there again – I brought my Voodoo Priestess routine, and a brand new femme fatale act I call Black Market Baby.

Here’s a snap of me in my Voodoo costume on the Dirty Devil’s stage after the show was over…



Miss Miranda at Torture Garden and Twin Peaks UK Festival

I flew back to London for the first time in 6 months to perform at Torture Garden, and the Twin Peaks UK Festival!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, arriving Friday morning and performing that night at Torture Garden, then straight on to a full weekend of Twin Peaks madness!

On the Sunday I performed my ‘See You in 25 Years’ Laura Palmer act as part of The Double R Club‘s cabaret show at the festival. It’s one of my favorite acts to perform and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Getting to meet Sherilyn Fenn and Al Strobel (Twin Peaks’ Audrey Horne and One Armed Man!) was the icing on the cake… or should I say, doughnut?

Torture Garden and The Double R Club are my top two favorite clubs to perform at in London, I was so pleased to be able to be a part of both events on such a short visit!

Here are a few live shots from the weekend’s shows…

My fetish stocking striptease at Torture Garden:



See You in 25 Years at Twin Peaks UK Festival:



Miss Miranda has moved to LA!!

After almost two years of dashing back and forth between the US and the UK, I decided this Spring to finally make the move… the past month has been pretty full on, but I can now officially say that I have relocated to beautiful Los Angeles!! It took longer than expected to find myself an apartment but I have just moved into a place this week and can now finally settle in and focus on all of the exciting work I’m going to be doing out here! In celebration, I have just created a brand new Patreon page. If you’d be interested in supporting me in my new life out here and helping me reach my creative goals this would be the perfect way to do it, and I would be so, so grateful!

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 6.25.33 PM


Sending much love from my sunny new palm tree home…


Hair and makeup styling by Miss Miranda – Pinup Photography by Marz at VLV18!

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ll be working with Richard Marz at Viva Las Vegas doing hair and makeup styling on his special pinup shoot packages!

If you’ve ever been interested in learning my hair and makeup tricks, now’s your chance – not to mention you’ll get some insanely beautiful photos out of it too!! Richard shot my entire 2015 calendar, and he’s beyond brilliant! ;)

Very limited spaces available so email now – marzphotos@gmail.com ❤

VLV Marz flyer 3

Miss Miranda at Viva Las Vegas 18!

In two weeks I’ll be heading back out to the States, just in time for Viva Las Vegas!

Get in touch if you’d be interested in working with me while I’m in town! :)

Bookings: miranda@miss-miranda.com



Miss Miranda 2015 Calendar

My brand new 2015 calendar is now available!

Miss Miranda 2015 calendar

Shot by the incredible Richard Marz on location in LA and the Mojave desert, showcasing 14 new exclusive images of me in latex, lingerie, corsetry, stockings and high heels.

The calendar is available for international orders from my Big Cartel store, here:


Theatre Bizarre!

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been asked to perform at the legendary Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, alongside a host of fantastic performers – I can’t wait!




Zivity photography workshop with Corwin Prescott!

I’m delighted to have been asked to model for Zivity’s latest photography workshop with one of my favourite photographers – Corwin Prescott!

miss miranda zivity workshop

The workshop will be takng place on the 11th of October in San Francisco, a city I haven’t visited since I was a kid, and I can’t wait!

Find out more at www.corwin.eventbrite.com